Collider at Jerry’s Sandwiches, 2/11/13

Drew Hansen, trumpet; Artie Black, tenor saxophone; Josh Torrey, tenor trombone; Colin Drozdoff, electric piano; Mike Harmon, bass; Andrew Green, drums & cymbals.

Collider, Lost Winter and Thaw composed by Josh Torrey, No. 2, Rain Dance and Remember Us composed by Drew Hansen, and Ray Lewis: Thunder God composed by Colin Drozdoff.

Josh Torrey Nonet at The Red Herring Coffeehouse, 5/5/12

Drew Hansen, trumpet; Josh Torrey, tenor trombone; Reginald Chapman, bass trombone; Zack Varner, alto saxophone; Alex Blomarz and Kevin Gatzke, tenor saxophones; Dan Pierson, fender rhodes; Sam Peters, bass; Lars-Erik Larson, drums


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